Cycling Program

Our power-based cycling training program will increase your overall fitness as well as your strength, speed and endurance on the bike.  Weekly schedules will be developed based on the athlete's threshold power on the bike.  Each workout will be planned with an ultimate goal to raise that threshold power, thereby increasing your overall performance in triathlon or road racing.  In triathlon, power goals will be determined for the cycling leg of the race, enabling you to run your fastest off the bike!  Workouts are progressive and customized according to time availability and goals.  Power zones will be calculated and used in each workout, from recovery workouts to interval workouts and all other workouts in between.  This is without a doubt the best way to maximize your time and improve your overall performance on the bike!

Recommended Equipment:  Power Meter

What you get:

  • Unlimited contact via phone or e-mail with Danielle.
  • Weekly Schedule via Training Peaks adjusted to your time availability, performance goals, and performance level (workouts may also be adjusted throughout the week depending on the athlete's fatigue-level and performance on the bike).
  • Bike training rides on Long Island, with Coach and/or a group according the athlete's availability.
  • Power Zones will be created and adjusted throughout the athlete's training