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I am looking for a group to do bike and run workouts with, do you offer this?

We do!  We will have weekly bike and run workouts posted on the calendar shortly!

Should I purchase a power meter for training?

While you do not have to own a power meter, they certainly are a great investment!  With a power meter, we can determine your threshold wattage which will be used to develop training zones for each workout. From there, we will calculate the power you should be holding in a race in order to run your fastest off of the bike!  Power meters are also a great tool because you can download your workouts to the coach who will then have a power profile on each and every workout to more easily analyze your workout data and track fatigue on the bike as well as peak performance.

Where can I purchase a power meter?

You can get a power meter from your local bike shop.  There are various types and brands of power meters out there.  We can help determine which is best for you, or you can discuss your options with your bike shop!

I'm having trouble getting my nutrition down during races. What can I do?

Race day nutrition is as important as training for the swim, bike and run.  Each individual varies on what they can take in during race day.  It's always best to practice during training so that there are no surprises on race day!  We believe nutrition is the most important part of an event (especially the long events) as it can make or break your day.  With countless experience, both personally as well as with different athletes, we will help develop a nutrition plan that works for you so you can focus on the race itself!